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Striving for Excellence

Ongaonga School provides quality education with in our country setting.  All children are encouraged to reach their potential through exploration and inquiry learning.

Ka whakaaetia,
Ka whakamarotia,
Ka Whakamanawatia,
Nga tamariki,
Ki ona taumata katoa.

The Ongaonga T.R.E.E Values

The Ongaonga T.R.E.E values are Teamwork, Respect, Effort and Empathy. We get to learn how to achieve these values and demonstrate them in all that we do.

Ongaonga 7’s

Ongaonga School hosts the Ongaonga 7-a-side tournament every year when over 17 Central Hawke’s Bay schools assemble to compete in Football, Rugby, Hockey and Netball.

Sadly, with Covid-19 this year, we have had to cancel the event. However, we did run a small scale version with SH50 schools which was very successful!

Roll on 2021!

Learning Through Play

Our learning through play programme in Years 0-2, is a different approach toward teaching compared to traditional teaching methods. An effective learning through play programme enables children to engage in self directed play that is internally motivated. The New Zealand Curriculum (TKI) online site says  ‘Learning through play is a pedagogical approach where play is the valued mode of learning – where children can explore, experiment, discover, and solve problems in  imaginative and playful ways’.  Along with deliberate acts of teaching, the benefits of learning through play help schools to develop actively involved life-long learners as well as growing values and key competencies that students need throughout their educational journey.  The approach is not a new concept and has actually been around since the 1950’s in New Zealand.

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